Will and Mayang's Travels - Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia 2004

Taking the train (more of a bus on wheels) from Kota Kinabalu to Tenom.  The train even had to stop at some level crossings to let the cars take priority!

Kinabalu National Park : giant beetles and other insects were common.

Giant pods, too.

Kinabalu climb : we can see what's in store.  The  base is at 1500m or so, the summit at 4100m.

Kinabalu climb day 1 : we begin the ascent.

Day 1 : At the overnight point (Laban Rata) we were shocked to find ourselves, after 6 hours' climbing, the 2nd group to arrive.  2 hours later, the restaurant was full!

Day 2 : The next morning it was up early, wrap up warm and enjoy an pre-packed breakfast.

Day 2 : Then the hard climb began, up ropes and rockfaces.  Most of the time, were were in the clouds with cold winds blowing fast over the bare rock.

Then finally, after about 4 hours hard work on day 2, were were at the summit.  Mayang took time to eat an apple as the clouds blasted over the peak.

Then as we began the descent, the clouds cleared and we got a better view of some of the other lower peaks.

For some panoramic photos of Malaysia, see http://www.willsmith.org/pano/malaysia/

All pictures and other media are Copyright ©2004 William Owen Smith and Mayang Adnin